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Tangible Reality Creative Services

We are innovative professionals that strive to bring noteworthy creativity to the forefront of your entity. Our commitment is to offer something that’s new, fresh and exciting, while also empowering your brand with a variety of creative services.  We cover a multitude of aspects such as merchandising, logo creation, video production, writing services, and space development i.e. interior murals, and wall art.





Video Production

TR's team of photographers use their vast experiences from entertainment, academia, nightlife, politics, and culinary to depict you and your company in the brightest of lights.

Shown Above: Platinum selling artist, Swae Lee. Photo by Tangible Reality.

TR's team of videographers, directors, and audio engineers sculpt your vision with intense detail, and focus. Not only do we handle the visuals, we assist in constructing your concepts.

Shown Above: Tangible Reality, filming a commercial for Levonye Professionals.

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